Krakow from the sky is…

…the place where we will show you this wonderful city from a completely different perspective. Millions of photos of Krakow’s monuments have been created, thousands of publications, hundreds of albums, but bird’s eye photographs are still a rarity. Especially good photographs and collected in one place, and such we will publish for you.

Our site will not focus only on the visual side. You will also find here a lot of information and historical curiosities about Cracow written in an accessible way, without scientific infatuation (although it is prepared by a professional historian). We will present to you, along with photos, fascinating stories related to the photographed places.  Cracow past and present.

Bird’s-eye photographs have been around since man took to the air with the help of an invention called the airplane. But only drones made it possible to show from a close perspective beautiful historical buildings, architectural details, atmospheric streets, etc. In a nutshell, Krakow drone photography.

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We also prepare for you comparative aerial photographs even from the beginning of the 20th century juxtaposed with a contemporary image of the same place shown, if possible, from the same perspective. It is a masterpiece experience to see in detail how much Krakow has changed over the last hundred years.

In addition, in one of the galleries we will successively collect and compile for you interesting photographs of the vicinity of Krakow those close and a little further. Here you will find Ojców, Jura, villages near Krakow, castles, nature and landscape. All from a bird’s eye view. Stay with us the site is being created and is coming to life for you. Tell your friends about us, share.



Michał Zajda,
Marcin Roger Pojałowski.

Explore Krakow in our drone images. Introducing our map of aerial photos of Cracow





Krakow’s Wawel Castle by night, architecture and a look at the details of the castle


Wawel we mgle

Film Krakow city day and night from a drone


Autumn Krakow drone photos


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